Junkyard Steels

The following list describes some potential types of steel used for common junkyard items. The information was compiled from several sources Machinery's Handbook, Country Blacksmith, Blacksmith's Journal and Carpentry Technology Corp. Machinery's Handbook is an excellent source for heat treatment of these steels.

This information was compiled by the David W. Wilson, North Texas Blacksmiths Association. ABANA chapters may freely use it in their publications.

Scrap Steel Number Letter
Agricultural steel 1080  
Axels 1040  
Ball Bearing Balls 52100  
Ball Bearing Races 52100  
Band Saw Blades   L-6
Bits, router   M2
Bolts, anchor 1040  
Bolts, heat treated 2330  
Bolts, heavy duty 4815  
Brake lever 1030  
Cams   A6, S7
Chisels   O2, O6, L6
Clutch disk 1070  
Clutch springs 1060  
Coil springs, auto 4063  
Coil springs, truck 5160  
Cold-rolled steel 1070  
Connecting rods 1040  
Crankshafts 1045  
Cutters, bolt   S2, S7
Drifts   L2, S2, S7
Drills   M2
End mills   M2
Fan blades 1020  
Files   W-2
Gear shift levers 1030  
Gears, transmission 3115  
Hammers   L6
Harrow disk 1080  

Scrap Steel Number Letter
Hay rake teeth 1095  
Jackhammer bits   S-5
Knives, machine   M2
Knives, woodworking   O2
Leaf springs 1085, 5160  
Lock washer 1060  
Mauls   L2, S2
Mower knives 1085  
Music wire 1085  
Nail sets   L6
Plow beams 1070  
Plow disk 1080  
Plow shares 1080  
Pneumatic tools   L6, A6, S7
Punches, cold   A2, O2
Reamers   M2, O2, A2
Roller Bearings 4815  
Screw drivers   L6, S2
Snap rings 1060  
Spring clips 1060  
Spring steel, clock 1095  
Steering arm bolts 3130  
Steering arms 4042  
Taps   M2, O2
Transmission shafts 4140  
Tubing 1040  
Universal joints 1145  
Valve springs 1060  
Wrenches   L6, S2

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